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Genre : Action,Thriller
Cast : Vijay Antony, Aksha Pardasany, Azam Sheriff, RNR Manohar
Director : NV Nirmal Kumar
Music Director : Vijay Antony
Production : Studio 9 Production,Sree Green Productions,Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Run Time : 2 hours 13 minutes
Censor : U
Ratings :
Rating: 1.67 /5,   13 vote(s)

Second Half Watchable

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Rating :

" A different story line with new track and move. "

Vijay Antony appears to know precisely what he is doing before the Polaroid. He simply provides for one inconspicuous face declaration, which is suitable for the majority of the scenes. For making him raise his voice, it takes a great deal of weight to be mounted on him. On the other hand, it must be perceived how he would charge doing various parts in future. Aksha Pardasanys character is strikingly inverse to that of Vijay Antony in the film, and she advocates her irritable character in the first half. Nonetheless, she very nearly vanishes during the time half. RNR Manohar as the Home Minister is great in his part, while whatever is left of the supporting on-screen characters do their parts convincingly. Director NV Nirmal Kumars screenplay has just managed to validate the irritation of Salim, but one might get the feeling that Vijay Antony could have exposed little more emotions to project the irritated individual. As a music director Vijay Antony has done a decent work as far as the background music is concerned, particularly the theme music that enhance the mood of the film.