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Meesaya Murukku Review
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Meesaya Murukku Movie Review
Genre : Drama, Romantic Comedy
Cast : Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Aathmika
Director : Hiphop Tamizha Adhi
Music Director : Hiphop Tamizha Adhi
Production : Sundar C
Distribution : Avni Movies
Ratings : 2.75 out of 5
Runtime & Censor Certificate : 2 hrs 16 mins & U
Release Date : 21-07-2017
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Rating: 4.18 /5,   4 vote(s)
Meesaya Murukku
Overview :-

Meesaya Murukku is a Tamil-language romantic musical film, directed by Adhi of Hiphop Tamizha in his directorial debut. Starring Adhi in a famous character. The cast also includes Aathmika. It is a romantic as well as musical film directed by Adhi, with Hiphop Tamizha musician, form part of the crew.

This film is being produced by Sundar C, Director of Avni Cinemax banner. Aathmika is a Tamil girl. She born and brought up at Coimbatore. Veteran comic Vivekh plays the role as the father of the hero in the film. A lot of youngsters make their acting debut playing supporting roles in the film.

Cast & Crew

Adhi as Adhithya Ramachandran (Adhi)

Vivek as Ramachandran, Adhi`s father and professor at Barathiyar University


Vijayalakshmi as Aadhi` Mother

`Smile Settai` RJ Vignesh as Jeeva, Adhi`s friend

`Smile Settai` Anbu

`Madras Central` Gopi

`Madras Central` Sudhakar

Abdul as Siva

Ananth Ram

Vinoth Gd

Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

Story & Plot

This movie is the real story of the hero Adhi and directed by an amateur who is without any prior future film assistant director experience. The movie comes in the genre of music and as he is the music director as well for the film.

The movie revolves around a guy who was interested in music and he wants to become a star. A girl comes into his life while studying in the college and the turns and twists that a music director will have to become a star and what they have to go through to get to that stage comes to the crux of the story. The movie portrays some of the events from Adhi`s real life.

Positive Points


Story & Screenplay


Verdict :-

Watchable Movie…

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